Top hung moveable wall system
Timber hinged top hung or floor supported
Glass system top hung with 100mm profiles.
External Thermally Broken Aluminium.

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SM Folding Walls

This competitively priced system also known as a Hinged Panel Wall combines the ease and speed of a Sliding Folding Partition with the ‘permanent’ appearance of a Movable Wall System.

By the very nature of its design the system incorporates a pass door at no additional cost.

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SM Folding Walls Overview

Features & Benefits

  • Hinged Panels for quick and easy operation
  • Robust aluminium frame construction for demanding environments
  • Wide range of surface finishes
  • Partial and fully glazed panels available
  • Pass door incorporated enabling access to adjoining rooms
  • Stacks one or both ends
  • Floor supported


The SM Folding Walls system offers various levels of sound reduction starting at 30dB through to 49dB. All of these levels have certification awarded by reputable independent acousticians; they are not based ‘in-house’ tests. Copies of certification available on request.

Installation and Guarantee

Becker offer a full nationwide installation service. All products are guaranteed against defects in materials or workmanship, for a period of 12 months.


The emphasis here is on simplicity and smooth movement. The continuously hinged panels are pulled from their parked position to ‘close’ (or extend) the wall and pushed back to the parked position to ‘open’ (or fold) the wall. Final flat alignment of wall panels is assisted pneumatically by a gas piston located in the top track.

A lever or recess handle is fitted to the lead panel and this combined with a vertical rebated profile provides the system with its pass door. The door is available with or without a lock cylinder.



Vertical profiles incorporate compressible bulb seals. Horizontal profiles incorporate sweep seals. Core materials include mineral wood and plasterboard.

Floor supported sits on a low profile alloy floor track which is no more obtrusive than carpet trim and can be easily cleaned.

Each panel is framed with aluminium profiles providing protection to all edges. Profiles can be powder coated or anodised to customers choice of colour.

Typical Example of SM3 Folding Wall

SM Folding Walls


Low Profile Floor Track

Centre Folding

Eccentric Folding

End Folding

Product Selector

Acoustic (R/W)Thickness (mm)Weight (kg/m2)Max Panel Width (mm)Max Panel Height (mm)Exposed/Concealed Edge Profiles
SM340/46/498027/40/54900 Centre fold 700 End fold 30007500 (x2)
SM4438040900 Centre fold 700 End fold 30007500 (x2)


We offer a full nationwide service which includes working for main contractors or directly for the end user. When installing in an occupied area care is taken to cause minimum disruption to the client.


The Company’s technical advisers are on hand to answer any queries and will work with the specifier to achieve the optimum solution to the requirements of each contract.


All walls are made to measure and are therefore in complete harmony with any given opening. The actual panel widths depend on the number of panels. Panel widths generally vary between 600mm and 900mm.

Finishes include: LPL, HPL; any commercially available veneer; wall coverings applied on site; laminate or melamine. Different finishes may be applied to either side of the wall. Aluminium profiles and track may be powder-coated to any RAL or BS colour.


The system is available in LPL or HPL finishes offering a wide range of plain colours, wood grains and some patterns. Real wood veneers; wall coverings, pinboard are also options.

The finishes shown are our standard range. Other finishes are also available, for example: real wood veneers and wall coverings. Please contact us for a full list or for more information.

Please note that colours cannot be reproduced 100% accurately on computer monitors (except on specially calibrated equipment). The finished product may therefore vary slightly in colour to that shown on your screen.


Stock Colours


Sareco Wood Grain (for laminate/melamine)

H871 Light Birch
H145 Vanilla Oak
HL1236 Odessa W.Oak
H142 Pale Oak
HN334 Ferrara Oak
HL1238 Odessa L. Oak
HN312 Light Oak
HG53 Sherwood Oak
H148 Natural Oak
HB406 Picard
HB404 Beamont Oak
HB403 Divine Oak
HB405 Tisane
H153 Cinnamon
H158 Truffle Oak
H860 Vienna Maple
HG64 Sand Ash
HN225 Ash
HN521 Honey Maple
H4404 Birch
H4092 Natural Birch
HL18 Maple
HG65 Black Ash
H89 Natural Beech
H800 Planked Beech
H87/4 Beech
H47 Dark Cherry
HL1071 Light Walnut
HL837 Dark Walnut
H50 Plum
H500 Wenge

Sareco Solid Colours (for liminate/malamine)

Sand : U240
Jasmin : U73/6
Beach : UL180
Yellow Beige : U320
Cream : U79/6
Sahara Beige : U212
Cashmere : U44
Yellow Ochre : U223
Gold : U226
Mocha : U245
Truffle : US102
Mouse Grey : UL786
Pastel Grey : U23/6
Lemon Grey : U201/5
Blue Grey : UN71
Light Grey : U210/6
Basis Grey : UN73
Standard Grey : U22/53
Grey Beige : UN70
Pearl Grey : U26/6
Dust Grey : U30
Anthracite : U25/5
Dark Grey : U27/6
Avocado : US07
Courgette : US08
Old Pink : U59
Signal Red : US225
Burgundy : UL105
Polish Blue : US717
Sky Blue Dark : US715
Lagoon : UL110
Marine : U69/4
Night Blue : U74
Black Graphite : UN91
Black : U41/6
Black Gloss : U41/6-1
Titanium : FN 50
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