Top hung moveable wall system
Timber hinged top hung or floor supported
Glass system top hung with 100mm profiles.
External Thermally Broken Aluminium.


Do products come in standard sizes?

No, all our products are made to measure.

Do you install?

Yes, we offer a nationwide installation service.

Are your products available on a supply only basis?

Yes, and this generally includes delivery, however, export outside Western Europe is ex-works.

Should I select a top hung or a floor supported system?

You need to establish if there is sufficient structure available to support the weight of the product you have selected.

Floor supported options will often (but not always) involve less disruption to existing openings.

What are your lead times?

This will depend on the product and in some cases the selected finish, but generally the shortest lead time is 3/4 weeks for theĀ Harmonica-in-Vinyl. The average time for most of our systems is 5-7 weeks.

Can you provide quick budget prices?

Yes, all we need to know is which product; an approximate size; and a geographical location.

Are your products guaranteed?

Yes, all of our products carry a full guarantee including workmanship if installed by us.

Do you carry out surveys?

In the vast majority of cases a survey will be included in the price.