Top hung moveable wall system
Timber hinged top hung or floor supported
Glass system top hung with 100mm profiles.
External Thermally Broken Aluminium.

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Monoglass Movable Glass Walls

Becker Glass Walls are the latest addition to the Becker range of products.

The system combines elegance with strength and security making it ideal for the retail industry, office environments and numerous other applications.

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Monoglass Overview

Features & Benefits

  • Top hung without the need for a floor track
  • Smooth and easy operation
  • Panels may be hinged together or moved individually
  • Panels may be parked away from opening
  • Bolts release automatically (L-35)
  • Combines elegance with strength and security
  • Top and bottom profiles only for maximum glass area


The Monglass offers 30dB sound reduction when fitted with PVC ‘H’ profiles between glass panels and nylon brush strips to the head and base aluminium profiles.



Can be hinged together (L-35-F and L35-FEC options) or they can be moved individually (L35 option) allowing them to be parked wherever wanted. All panels are top hung without the need for a floor track. Fixed panels are also available.

The glass panels require only top and bottom profiles thereby maximising the glass area. The profiles house the rollers and bolts for all the models in the range, also the hinges for the L-35-F and the L-35-FEC models.

With the L-35-PHS the profiles are reduced to their minimum size and located at the corners of the glass panels.

The aluminium profiles can be satin anodised, powder coated in RAL colours, or sleeved in stainless steel. The L-35 features a unique security bolt which is set manually and released automatically when the wall is returned to its parked position.

Technical Information

Track Detail


Examples of Parking



The aluminium top and bottom profiles can be satin anodised, powder coated in RAL colours, or sleeved in stainless steel.

RAL Classic Solid Colours (for paint)

Please note that colours can not be reproduced 100% accurately on computer monitors (except on specially calibrated equipment). The finished product may therefore vary slightly in colour to that shown on your screen.

RAL Colours

1000 Green beige
1001 Beige
1002 Sand yellow
1003 Signal yellow
1004 Golden yellow
1005 Honey yellow
1006 Maize yellow
1007 Daffodil yellow
1011 Brown beige
1012 Lemon yellow
1013 Oyster white
1014 Ivory
1015 Light ivory
1016 Sulphur yellow
1017 Saffron yellow
1018 Zinc yellow
1019 Grey beige
1020 Olive yellow
1021 Rape yellow
1023 Traffic yellow
1024 Ochre yellow
1026 Luminous yellow
1027 Curry
1028 Melon yellow
1032 Broom yellow
1033 Dahlia yellow
1034 Pastel yellow
1035 Pearl beige
1036 Pearl gold
1037 Sun yellow
2000 Yellow orange
2001 Red orange
2002 Vermilion
2003 Pastel orange
2004 Pure orange
2005 Luminous orange
2007 Luminous b't orange
2008 Bright red orange
2009 Traffic orange
2010 Signal orange
2011 Deep orange
2012 Salmon orange
2013 Pearl orange
3000 Flame red
3001 Signal red
3002 Carmine red
3003 Ruby red
3004 Purple red
3005 Wine red
3007 Black red
3009 Oxide red
3011 Brown red
3012 Beige red
3013 Tomato red
3014 Antique pink
3015 Light pink
3016 Coral red
3017 Rose
3018 Strawberry red
3020 Traffic red
3022 Salmon pink
3024 Luminous red
3026 Luminous bright red
3027 Raspberry red
3028 Pure red
3031 Orient red
3032 Pearl ruby red
3033 Pearl pink
4001 Red lilac
4002 Red violet
4003 Heather violet
4004 Claret violet
4005 Blue lilac
4006 Traffic purple
4007 Purple violet
4008 Signal violet
4009 Pastel violet
4010 Telemagenta
4011 Pearl violet
4012 Pearl blackberry
5000 Violet blue
5001 Green blue
5002 Ultramarine blue
5003 Sapphire blue
5004 Black blue
5005 Signal blue
5007 Brilliant blue
5008 Grey blue
5009 Azure blue
5010 Gentian blue
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Monoglass Movable Glass Walls