Top hung moveable wall system
Timber hinged top hung or floor supported
Glass system top hung with 100mm profiles.
External Thermally Broken Aluminium.
Top hunt double skin melamine accordian

The Woolwich Suite

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Case Study Info:

Case study category Monoplan
Client Arsenal Football Club
Location The Emirates Stadium
Project Managers Portview Fit-Out Ltd.

The Woolwich Suite at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium offers banqueting events for up to 600 guests. During its recent refurbishment Becker were commissioned to manufacture and fit 2 movable walls to allow flexible division of the floor space by providing the option to create up to 3 separate areas.

A principle design requirement was that the movable walls would offer sufficient in-situ stability without the need for a floor track. By delivering 2Kn of closing pressure, the top and bottom seals fitted to our Monoplan S movable wall system satisfied this important safety feature.