Top hung moveable wall system
Timber hinged top hung or floor supported
Glass system top hung with 100mm profiles.
External Thermally Broken Aluminium.
Top hunt double skin melamine accordian

Monoplan at The Auction House

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The recently completed installation of a ¬†Monoplan Movable Wall¬†at the ‘Auction House’ Banqueting and Conference venue in Luton has proved to be a valuable asset to our client allowing them acoustically divide their main suite and host simultaneous events when required.

During an initial survey it was established that the roof structure of the building could not provide sufficient support for our Monoplan system to be top hung.

Once it was established that installation of additional steelwork was expensive and impractical, it was decided to fix the head track to plywood patresses located above the plasterboard ceiling.

The light weight metal framing to the ceiling provides adequate lateral restraint at the head. The load bearing floor track was fixed to the concrete deck and raised sufficiently to finish flush with the top of the carpet.

When a single large floor area is required the wall panels are parked away in a far corner of the function suite.